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Braces - Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is designed to correct adult relapse and misaligned teeth. It is barely visible, apart from a clear bar which sits at the front of your mouth. It is a removable brace, allowing the wearer to take the brace out for important occasions. It is similar to a retainer but has advantages over a retainer:

1. Can correct moderate crowding and rotation of teeth

2. More comfortable to wear as the spring is made of nickel titanium rather than stainless steel

3. No retention problems

It also has advantages over Invisalign:

1. Less hassle and expense in a shorter period of time

2. Achieve great results with just one appliance

However the Inman Aligner is only used for treating only the top or bottom front teeth whereas Invisalign can treat all your teeth.

How does it work?

The Inman Aligner uses a coil spring that puts pressure at the back of the teeth that need repositioning and a bar that is placed across the front of the teeth reverses the same pressure. These components work together to "squeeze" teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment.

How long does it take?

Fitting the aligner takes two half hour appointments, followed by 15-minute monthly check-ups. Most patients will be treated between 9 to 18 weeks.

Does it hurt?

Patients may find they need to take mild painkillers for the first week or so. Like anything foreign to your mouth, it may cause you to salivate more than usual for 24 to 48 hours and could affect your speech for 7 to 10 days.

Is the Inman Aligner new?

Patients have been treated with Inman Aligners since 2000. In the United States approximately 450 to 500 new patients are prescribed treatment with Inman Aligners every month.

Is the Inman Aligner comparable to Invisalign?

No, the Inman Aligner is used for treating the top and bottom front teeth only. Invisalign can treat all your teeth.

Will treatment with the Inman Aligner be uncomfortable?

No. Due to the gentle but steady orthodontic forces generated, the appliances are easily tolerated. It may be advisable to take paracetamol for the 1st few days of treatment if you encounter any discomfort.

Will the Inman Aligner affect my speech?

Yes. The Inman Aligner will affect your speech. You will however acclimate to the appliances over time and be able to speak fine with them in place.