Read some feedback and reviews we received

  • I found the treatment here to be very good with the sedation was in, the next thing was Simon waking me up and I remember nothing of the actual tooth coming our. I would have sedation again definitely. I found all the staff and Simon very caring and friendly.


  • I contacted Ethos Dental Care as I needed work doing. I am a nervous patient and I was interested in the sedation that they offer. The staff were friendly and helpful as was Simon who dealt with me making sure my comfort came first he explained what he intended to do should I go ahead with the work that needed to be done, Which I did a week or so later . The sedation was a needle in the arm all the while Simon and the nurses checking you are fine and after that I don't remember a thing really my appointment was 2 hours long and money well spent. It is the only time I have walked albeit unsteadily out of a dentist and thanked them. You need to be dropped off and picked back up and you do feel a little groggy afterwards but all in all very happy with the sedation and work done by Ethos Dental Care. Thanks Simon and staff.


    I’ve recently had veneers put on my front top teeth at Ethos Dental Care, I had unsightly gaps in my teeth and one that had become discoloured, I’d been thinking about exploring my options to improve my teeth for sometime but had always been too nervous, I finally plucked up the courage to ask at my routine check-up, Simon was great and was happy to discuss the options and take impressions there and then. As soon as I saw the mock-up of what my teeth would look like there was no question that I would go ahead with it. After a couple of fairly long appointments (which flew by due to Simon and the team talking me through everything that was going on, making sure I was ok and generally chatting) I now have my lovely new smile, no gaps and really natural looking. It’s great to finally be able to smile when someone points a camera in my direction and not run away like I used to! Thanks to Simon and the team for your great work and for the friendly and pleasant atmosphere that I encountered during every visit.


    I had the fixed clear brace on my teeth in April of 2012, I was amazed at how quick and efficient the treatment was. From start to finish the treatment was only 8 weeks. My top teeth were transformed from slightly crossed over to perfectly straight. Simon takes such pride in his job and the service I received from Ethos Dental Care was excellent.


    I always hated my sticky out uneven teeth but was too vain in high school to wear a brace. Finally at the age of 30 I decided enough was enough. I went to see Simon, he is absolutely lovely and discussed different braces that I could have. I decided on the white 6 month smile fixed brace. I thought I would be hiding away from the world but no one could see it, I was amazed and would look forward to my dental appointments for a newer whiter wire. I only ended up having to wear it for 3 months and have been left with the best smile ever! Also I have so much confidence. Everyone compliments my teeth. It's the best money I have ever spent and recommend it to anyone. I’m getting married next year and can’t wait to smile on my wedding photos. Thank you so much Simon.


    Testimonial about Intravenous Sedation:- Thanks again for your wonderful service. I can’t remember much about the procedure because I was sedated, but the sedation itself was painless, and I found the atmosphere to be very relaxing. Within two hours of the procedure I was back to my usual self, with no after effects to worry about. The service was friendly and helpful, and the staff put me at ease at all times, with a follow up call the next day to see how I was. Excellent service


    I’m just writing to say a very big Thank You for the fantastic work you have done on my teeth! I’m absolutely over the moon with the result and can’t believe how natural my new veneers look. The care and attention to detail you and your team took was second to none and even the music in your surgery was great!


    I've always had hang ups about visiting a dentist but I needn't have worried about going to the practice. The service was fantastic: the staff are really bubbly and Dr Li was so patient and gentle with me. He put me at ease and kept asking whether I was okay during the treatment. I hate having fillings but Dr. Li made the experience quite pleasant. He put on my favourite music channel and talked to me through the treatment. Thank you Dr Li and all the kind staff at the practice.


    The dental treatment provided by Dr Simon Li was quite amazing; in just under three months he transformed my teeth from quite severely crooked to perfectly straight, I suffered absolutely no pain or discomfort and he went through and described every aspect of the treatment very clearly. I would definitely recommend the treatment, before you know it the brace will be off and you will have the smile you always wanted.


  • I actually can not believe what a difference 6 months can make. My teeth look amazing and I feel that I smile so much more now. I honestly believe it’s the best money I have ever spent. I would advise anyone who is thinking about having there teeth straightened to do it, as it has given me massive confidence within myself and I am noticing just how far a smile can get you.... Simon was always brilliant, friendly helpful and nothing ever seemed too much. He fit his schedule around mine which was brilliant. The service that the company provided was second to none very personal and carried out with well trained friendly staff. Thanks for everything.


  • After only a relatively brief period of time, the braces were removed and I was absolutely delighted with the end result. I no longer have to be conscious of my smile. Having my teeth straightened (even at my age), has been totally worthwhile. I smile and show my teeth off with total confidence now. Simon was fantastic for me, offering advice and explaining all the options and procedures to transform my crooked teeth to what they are now. I couldn't be happier with the outcome, and over a relatively short period of time.


  • A huge thank you to Dr Simon Li and his team. When I first arrived I was not sure what to expect and at the age of 45 did not think it would be possible to straighten my very crooked teeth. How wrong I was. I am very pleased and impressed with the results. For the first time in my life I can smile without feeling self conscious and ashamed. All the staff were extremely professional, warm and friendly. Again, Thank you.


    May I take this opportunity to thank you for my ‘Six month smile’ achieved in fact in four months. I had been thinking about improving my smile for many years, and when I decided to visit Simon for a consultation, I was unaware of all of the options available to me. I liked the idea of the six month smile because as a barrister my appearance is important to me and I was offered an unobtrusive brace that could give me quick results without impeding my professional appearance.  I was impressed by your kind and informed manner, and felt confident in the advice you offered. I appreciated your careful attention and efficiency throughout my treatment and am delighted that the result you predicted was achieved in the time you forecast. I address the public every day in my work and it feels lovely to smile with confidence. I have had many compliments from my family and friends, all as a result of your expertise, for which I am grateful.


    Firstly I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! I love my new smile and the results have exceeded my expectations. I how have the confidence to smile and feel confident about my teeth. Before I came to see you I was indecisive of whether or not to get braces, being over 21 I was embarrassed, nervous and anxious about even considering having braces. But how glad I am that I decided to bite the bullet and go through with it, as the results are outstanding! I would highly recommend my friends and others to you! Once again, thank you so much Simon!! You have made one very happy client!!


    I found the 6 Month Smile treatment very effective. My teeth were sorted within 4 months. It is not instantly noticeable because it is tooth coloured, so as long as you are sensible in what you eat, and keep it really clean it is a very easy quick way to correct wayward teeth. If you read about other treatments that don't involve a brace, they seem to be a lot of messing about, endless trays to wear as one example. Of course, any brace is strange, but you do get used to it, and once it's off, you quickly you forget you had it.


    I have recently had my six month smile braces removed and am thrilled with the results. Simon and his colleagues were friendly and efficient throughout. My treatment lasted seven months as predicted by Simon. I was initially worried the braces would be very obvious and I would feel paranoid having them on however people only noticed them when I pointed them out. I am very satisfied with both the results and the management of the braces. Thank you to Simon and his team.