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Whitening Treatments


At Ethos Dental Care we have 2 whitening systems for you to achieve a brighter smile.

Enlighten Smiles is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1. This shade is a very white shade without looking excessively false. The system works by having some detailed impressions taken of your teeth and sent to their lab for custom made super seal whitening trays that are made bespoke to you. You use their specially formulated toothpaste which minimises sensitivity before the treatment starts.

A fortnight later, the trays are checked for accuracy and a quality fit in your mouth before instructions are given. Two different strength whitening gels are then used by you at home and worn overnight and it whitens your teeth gradually. In most cases after two weeks of nightly wear, your teeth will achieve B1 whiteness.

In some cases, where the teeth have been affected by other factors, it may take four weeks of nightly wear but ask the dentist on the consultation appointment.

For those people who lead very busy lives or don’t feel happy to wear the thin whitening trays in their mouths overnight the solution is Zoom! ®. Zoom “laser whitening” takes place at the practice and uses a light-activated whitening gel over a period of 90 minutes to produce instant whitening results.

However before any whitening is done, a consultation is needed to ensure that your teeth are suitable and we can advise you on what sort of results to expect.

Your teeth should be free of any tartar which can reduce the effectiveness of the overall result, again your dentist can check for this on the initial consultation.

Tray Whitening e.g. Enlighten Smiles

In-Office Whitening e.g. Zoom!