Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

We aim to provide dental care to you which is efficient and friendly in safe surroundings which makes it as pleasant as possible. We make sure that you are informed in every step and work with you to achieve what you desire. Trust is an important theme at our practice and if you place your trust in us; you can trust us to deliver what we said we would. We are extremely customer service driven and are passionate about creating a patient experience like no other. Combined with exceptional clinical skills we feel we offer a service to our patients, that is second to none.

A lot of our new patients are word of mouth recommendations from our existing patients who have had great experiences with us. We do not spend an enormous amount on advertising and marketing. If you are happy with the way we look after you then we just ask that you let other people know about us.

You and Your Treatment at Ethos Dental Care

• We welcome nervous patients & we are highly experienced in treating nervous patients. We take pain control seriously.

• We listen, with respect, to our patient's concerns.

• We follow a strict cross infection control policy and we employ the latest sterilisation equipment. Rest assured that we have the highest standards to making sure that your treatment is carried out in a safe environment.

As part of our continuing strive to improve and develop our services to our patients we are participating in a quality assurance program from the British Dental Association. The Good Practice Scheme demonstrates a visible commitment to providing quality dental care to nationally recognised standards.

One aspect of this is to demonstrate that the we follow current legislation in that the data we hold is freely available to the public. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 defines what information public sector organisations are obliged to provide on request.